Senior shore fixtures 2019


January 5th  Any area rover  Noon - 11pm (sign on Smiley's cafe/weigh in smileys)

 February 2nd Any Porlock to Blue Anchor Noon - 10pm (sign on Smiley's Cafe/weigh in Blue Anchor)

March 30th  Branscombe  3pm  - Mid  (sign on Smiley's Cafe/ weigh in at Branscombe)

April 27th  Burton  Noon - Mid (sign on Smiley's Cafe / weigh in at Burton)

May 25th  Seaton  3pm - Mid  (sign on at Smiley's Cafe / weigh in at Seaton)

June 8th   Branscombe  6pm - 1am  (sign on Smileys/ weigh in at Branscombe)  

July 27th/28th  All night rover (any area) Noon - 10am (sign on/weigh in at Smiley's Cafe)

August 24th/25th  All night rover (any area) Noon - 10am (sign on at Smiley's / weigh in at Smiley's)

September 21st  Seaton  1pm - 11pm (sign on Smiley's / weigh in Seaton)

October 19th   West Bay - Abbotts Noon - 11pm (sign on at Smiley's Cafe/ weigh in at Bex) D Retter Memorial

November 16th  Slapton  Noon - 11pm (sign on at Smiley's Cafe/ weigh in at Slapton) 

December 7th  Seaton  (Xmas prizes) Noon - 10pm (sign on at Smiley's Cafe/ weigh in at Seaton)


Please note that you have not got to fish the full length of the competition if you do not want to.  

Fish the times that suit you.


Please note that all the above events are optional catch and release, please ask for more details.


 Summer Series (Fridays)


                                                               June 21st Branscombe 7pm - Midnight (meet Brans) 

July 5th Seaton   7pm - Midnight (meet Seaton)

August 2nd Branscombe 7pm - Midnight (meet Brans)

September 13th Seaton 7pm - Midnight (meet Seaton)


Species Hunt Weekend

This will take place at the above four events


New Flounder Only Competition (River Champion)

24 Nov (times to suit you)  River Axe/ Exe/Teign/Kingsbridge/Poole   (best 2 fish)

15 Dec (times to suit you) River Axe/Exe/Teign/Kingsbridge/Poole (best 2 fish)


Westward Festival 2019

22 September TBC (host club is WSM)



Torbay Shield 2019

20 October TBC (host club is Paignton SAA)


Seaton Carnival Open Shore 2019

August 30th 2019   7pm - 11pm  (sign on from 6pm at the Spot On) 

More details from Mike Spiller 


Honiton SAC Presentation Night 2019

Friday March 15th 2019 at the Hare and Hounds (carvery) Names to Mike Spiller ASAP  (limited seating this year)


Wyvern Open Shore 2019

Slapton  6th January 2019  Times 1pm till 6pm (sign on from 11am)


Monthly Club Meetings

These are held at the Con Club in Honiton on the third Thursday each month from 8pm (everybody is welcome)



Boat dates booked at Beer by members for 2019

27/1, 24/2, 17/3, 7/4, 5/5, 2/6, 7/7, 4/8, 15/9, 6/10, 3/11, 29/12