If you catch a good fish and you think it is worth weighing, please contact one of the members below. Most of our weigh stations carry the very good and accurate Salter Electro samson scales. Please remember all fish must be recorded within 7 days with our fish recorder John Stanford.  Any claims for AT awards must be made within 28 days, again via John. Any claims for club records must go through Mike Spiller, Terry Hartnell, Ken Sparks or John Stanford for identification of species. All fish weighed at sea must be reported to the fish recorder.

Weigh-in stations

M Spiller. D Retter.  J Stanford. C Berry. K Sparks. B Codling. L Rice.   A weigh-in ticket from any fishing club would also be excepted (certified scales)

How to contact the fish recorder

John Stanford can be contacted during normal hours.  Ring the number given on the contacts page.  Please remember that all fish must be recorded within 7 days with him.